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  • Laser Show

    Chanuakh Laser Lights provides an amazing laser show for your home! This year decorate your home in style with Chanukah Laser Lights. Just plug, stake (included) into the ground & point and watch the green laser sparkle your home with Dreidels, Menorah and Moving Lights to create the ultimate home Chanukah Laser Show.

  • Quality

    Our Chanukah Laser Light projectors are top quality. The casing is made from die-cast aluminum (no plastic) to ensure the best product for our consumers. We use green laser diodes that are rated to last 7000 hours to ensure the brightest Chanukah laser images possible on your home.

  • Remote Control

    Each Chanukah Laser Light comes with a remote control that allows you to operate the laser from up to 40’ away. Functions include On/Off switch, Play/Pause to stop on a specific image. Flash/Strobe allows you to make the image flash at different speeds. Speed control allows you to adjust the speed of your laser motion. Timer allows you to set a timer to turn off your laser after 2/4/6/8 hours.

  • Weather-Proof

    Our Chanukah Laser Light projectors are IP65 & IP44 rated so they are dust tight and water sealed to offer year round protection from rain. They work in all climates including winter & summer temperatures ranging from -4℉ to 95℉.


Why Chanukah Laser Lights?

Chanukah is the festival of Light so what better way to celebrate then by illuminating your home with a Chanukah Laser Show. Children stare in awe as the laser lights flicker and sparkle adorning your home in true Chanukah spirit. Chanukah Laser Lights make the perfect Chanukah present and is sure to be a hit on any home. Chanukah Laser Lights is not a replacement for traditional lighting of a Menorah with candles but a way to add in the excitement of the Holiday for children and adults alike.

What color Laser is the Chanukah Laser Light?

The Chanukah Laser Light projects using a green diode laser. We choose the color green because it is the brightest color visible to the human eye and provides the most dazzling effect when projecting an image.

How many will I need to cover my home?

The Chanukah Laser Light illuminates an area of approximately 25’ x 25’ (when staked approximately 20’-25’ from your home). Your average two story home, will need only one projector for adequate coverage. For a larger home or for better coverage, consider ordering two.

Are your lasers waterproof? Can I use them in the winter?

Our Chanukah Laser Light projectors are IP65 & IP44 rated so they are dust tight and water sealed to offer year round protection from rain & cold(however they cannot be submerged in water.) Please note that the electrical connection between the power adapter and outlet (or extension cord if used) is not protected and water and/or snow can seep in causing the power adapter to short and fail. We recommend purchasing a waterproof safety case that are available at home improvement stores(Home Depot, Lowes, or online Amazon) or at the very least to wrap it in zip lock bag and tape it very well to make the connection waterproof.

What are the functions of the included remote?

Included with your Chanukah Laser Light is a remote control that can operate up to 40’ from the laser. These remotes feature many options including... Power On/Off - Turn the unit on or off Play/Pause – Enables you to pause/freeze the projector a image of a Menorah or a dreidel. Push play for the laser show to continue. Strobe/Flash Mode - Flash causes the laser to flash on and off (Tip – push times to adjust flash speed) Motion Speed – enables you to adjust the speed of the laser movement. Timer - Set the laser to turn off/on at desired pre set hour intervals.

Shipping & Returns Policy

We ship with USPS priority or UPS GROUND mail for all orders in the USA . USPS Priority mail typically provides delivery within 1-3 business days anywhere in the USA. We offer a 7 day return policy (excluding our shipping costs) & reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee. We offer a 1 year warranty against defect. To initiate a return or warranty please email us at to obtain a RMA number. Returns will only be accepted with a RMA number. Exchanges will need a prior authorization number before being accepted. Please email us at to obtain an RMA number.